Anxiety - what is it?

Anxiety and fear are designed to protect you from harm or danger. This is instinctive. When you leave the safety of your home, you are designed to think of potential dangers (natural anxieties).  However, as these threats don’t exist in the way they used to, some people worry about other concerns and that is when the problems may start to arise.

When your mind feels you are potentially under threat, the hormone Adrenaline is released. Your heart rate increases to pump extra oxygen and nutrition around your body to prepare your muscles/organs to run and escape from the perceived danger, or stand prepared to defend yourself.

This ‘fight or flight’ response is essential when reacting to a real threat, but is not helpful when your mind is just imagining a threat.   If there is no real threat, then you have no need to run away or fight.

Anxiety can be eliminated with hypnotherapy

Blushing due to Social Anxiety

Many people have anxieties, for all sorts of different reasons. Maybe there has been a situation in your past which provokes an anxiety. Maybe you have read or seen something that you cannot forget, and it keeps on worrying you. Maybe someone said something to you, or you overheard a conversation, and now you simply cannot shake it off.

Maybe the anxiety didn’t used to be as bad as it is now.  Maybe you are suffering with severe anxiety, known as panic attacks.  Maybe just the thought of something potentially happening is giving you a panic attack.

Panic attacks are often described as a sudden and dramatic, intense surge of fear.

Excuse the pun, but the panicky feeling really is just terrifying!   Believe me; I know!

Your heart seems to be beating so hard that you can almost see it thumping in your chest, even moving your clothing.  You may be breathing faster, feeling sweaty and dizzy and may not be able to focus on the task in hand.  You may be so worried about how extremely your heart and body is behaving, that your concept of the whole situation becomes exaggerated.  You may think you are having a heart attack and then worry about that on top of the original worry.  Please remember, Adrenaline is playing a huge role here. ….and rest assured that this can all be sorted.

Anxiety and panic attacks are involuntary, so you will almost certainly fail to prevent it happening. It is like trying to stop blinking; you simply can't.  You can try your hardest, but the innate, non-conscious part of the mind will override your futile efforts and the ancient ‘fight or flight’ mechanism will kick in again.

It is such a shame to worry unnecessarily; such a waste of energy.  Haven’t you ever noticed how tired you feel?  How preoccupied?

All fear and anxiety respond to hypnotherapy

Workplace anxiety is common and caused worries and headaches, etc.

How little energy you have for everyday-tasks, yet alone new ventures or challenges?  You will of course make great effort to avoid any situation that may prompt an episode of panic disorder.  Sufferers of panic/anxiety attacks frequently worry about the consequences of their attacks. Have you noticed how other people seem to be avoiding you or do not understand you?

Anxieties can prevent some people from living their lives to the full.  They can experience intense emotions like fear or apprehension and worry in situations that most people would ignore, as they do not perceive them as a real threat.  When anxiety begins to intrude into someone’s life, maybe even control their lives, then this becomes a major problem.  This is classed as an anxiety disorder.

Whether you are worried about the next meeting at work, sitting an exam, meeting an ex-partner, public speaking, attending an important event, boarding an aircraft, seeing a spider, going to the dentist, catching a germ, being lonely, dying, driving in the rain, seeing the next bill arrive, being bullied or maybe you are feeling trapped, whatever your anxiety, I believe can help you.

Responsive Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of your anxiety for good