Covid-19 Face to Face Procedure

You will be coming to The Zone for a Hypnotherapy Session. Nina is looking forward to working with you.

Please wait in the front yard till Nina comes out to meet you. She will not be wearing a mask but she will be keeping a 2m distance from you.
Apologies for not shaking hands.
Nina will check with you that you are feeling well and that neither you nor anyone in your household has cold symptoms, are coughing or have recently lost their sensation of taste or smell.
Apologies for this intrusion.

We will walk around to the clinic together. The therapy room will have been wiped down with alcohol prior to your visit and the room will have been thoroughly aired for a minimum of 30 minutes.

You will have been asked to bring your own freshly washed sheet and towel. The sheet, you will be expected to lie on during the session and the towel is to first sit on and later to use as your neck-rest.
Apologies for this inconvenience.

Before entering the clinic you will be asked to sanitise your hands either by thoroughly washing and drying your hands or by using the provided hand sanitiser.

Nina will open and hold the door for you.
You will be enter, and immediately remove your coat and hang this on the provided hat stand. Please feel free to either hang your bag in the same place or position your bag by your feet when you are seated.

Please turn off your mobile phone and remove any Fitbit or vibrating watch.

Please then place your towel on the couch/chair and take a seat.

Once you are seated, Nina will enter the clinic room.
We will talk for a period and then we will move onto the second phase of the session. You will be asked to place your sheet on the couch and you will be asked to get comfortable onto this and use the rolled-up towel as your neck support.
Nina will put on PPE if she needs to assist you. If during the session you develop a cough, the session will immediately be terminated and we will arrange another time to conclude the therapy.
If during the session you need the toilet, then Nina will walk you across to an alcohol prepped bathroom and the hand hygiene will be repeated prior to you entering the clinic again.

At the end of the session, you will carefully roll up your sheet and towel and once Nina has left the clinic, you will follow her. Nina will hold the door for you.

Nina will walk you round to the front yard again. We will part without handshaking or hugging.
Apologies for not lingering.