Help with Weight loss

A successful businesswoman came to me for help in early 2021. She wanted to get control of her weight which she believed was escalating out of control due to the amount of alcohol she was drinking. She said that it was so easy just to relax with two or three glasses of wine. This was the way she had been relaxing for the last many years. This was in fact the only way that she could ever relax. Lockdown just made it a bit worse, she said, often she would easily finish a bottle of wine before 8am. Often the lady would skip dinner, substituting with a few large Gin & Tonics.

The children just accepted the drinking as part of ‘the norm’ and as her partner was often away on business, there seemed to be no need to ‘hold back’. 

This lady held a demanding job with management responsibilities. There was little time to stop for lunch, so any food taken into work was almost ‘inhaled’ due to time pressure. Breakfast was usually just a cup of coffee.

The client felt tired, lacked motivation and really had no willpower. Her memory was affected, her business sharpness was affected and her self-esteem was low.

This client wanted a ‘RE-SET’.  A re-programming of her feelings & behaviours.

So the lady came to Nina’s Hypnotherapy for a 3-hour session, where significant changes were made. Aversion to wine was placed and new behaviours/routines were established. At the end of the session, the client felt focussed, determined and motivated. Content with her life and really very happy within herself.

One month later, Nina called the client to follow up on her progress. She was still feeling incredibly positive and following the guidelines set out the month previously.

Nina called the client again the following month, to check on progress and the news was again positive. 

The session with Nina’s Hypnotherapy she saw as a ‘turning point’ in her life. The client had now not touched alcohol in 8 weeks. She felt she had lost weight as she was feeling much more comfortable in her clothes. This client now felt energised, motivated and happy.

-Another Successful Story-

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