Online Session Procedure

Online Session Procedure

You may prefer to have an online session, either because you live too far away from the clinic or because you simply prefer working this way.

The process to follow:

Please email, text or call Nina to explain what you would like help with. Responsive Hypnotherapy is not suitable for everybody so Nina will have to talk to you before a booking can be made.

Once you have made your booking with Nina’s Hypnotherapy, you will be sent an online form to complete just asking for contact details and a signature of consent.

Upon receipt of the completed form, Nina will check details and return with any outstanding questions/answers.

One week prior to your appointment, you will need to pay for your session according to the confirmation-text you will have received from Nina’s Hypnotherapy.

Upon confirmation of payment, Nina will send you a link to Google-Meet or Zoom and check with you that you understand how to open it up and enter into the session. Nina will have a back-up plan in case the internet fails and either of you lose your connection. Nina is completely relaxed about things, so you will feel no stress or pressure from her; she will always do her best to make sure things work out fine.

Your preparation immediately prior to your session:
– Ensure that you have rested well
– Wear comfortable clothing
– Ensure that you have eaten something nutritious 1-2 hours earlier
– Complete your toilet visit
– Bring a glass/bottle of water with you to the session
– Place/balance the laptop, iPad or phone suitably
– Ensure the volume is at the right setting
– Check the battery is fully charged
– Check your internet is up and running ok
– Feel comfortable with opening the remote conferencing platform
– Turn off all alarms, including arrival-sounds from email messages
– Ensure that your family/friends/pets understand your need for privacy
– Turn your phones off completely (do not just place on silent)
– Remove your Fitbit or vibrating wristwatch
– Get yourself sitting comfortably

The therapy session will still be effective even though you are miles apart from Nina and, as long as you are feeling comfortable with where you are sitting or lying and you can clearly listen to Nina without interruptions, then there is little difference from you sitting in the clinic opposite Nina. A friendly cat jumping up for a stroke is ok, as you will be fully awake and involved but it does distract the mind for some minutes and, so, it is best to keep the door closed, the environment peaceful and ensuring complete privacy.

During the session, Nina will be sitting in the soundproof clinic just like she would be if you were working together, face-to-face.
No-one can hear you both talking and nothing is being recorded. The session will run more or less as it would if you were physically present in the clinic.

Clients have enjoyed great success with Nina with just phone calls alone. Although there can never be a guarantee, Nina has successfully conducted sessions with clients from Holland, France, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Portugal as well as England. It really is about you being able to relax, listen to Nina’s voice and let your mind follow the adventure.

Finally, please rest assured that Nina does not need to dig around in your past to clear away those negative, domineering thoughts/behaviours.

Remember, you will be awake, you will be in control. Your brain is powerful, your imagination is endless and, once you allow changes to happen……wow…. you will liberated, immediately noticing your fresh, positive perspective on matters.


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