Face to Face Procedure

You will be coming to The Zone for a Hypnotherapy Session. Nina is looking forward to working with you.

You may park on the driveway. There is seating should you have walked from Lancing train station (4min).

Please wait in your car or on bench till Nina comes out to meet you.

You will have been asked to bring your own freshly washed sheet, blankets/towel. The sheet, you will be expected to lie on during the session, the blanket is to keep you warm and the towel is to use as your neck-rest.

Please turn off your mobile phone and remove any Fitbit or vibrating watch.

We will talk for a period and then we will move onto the second phase of the session. You will be asked to place your sheet on the couch and Nina will make you comfortable.

If during the session you need the toilet, please just ask. 

At the end of the session we will evaluate the results together and decide the next steps.