Sadness is one of the four human emotions. The others being happiness, fear and anger. However; it is valid, useful and alerts us to how we need to treat

Hypnotherapy for sadness

Sadness can affect anyone

ourselves. Also as to how we want to be treated by others

It is an emotional pain associated with feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment or sorrow.

An individual experiencing sadness may become quiet or lethargic and withdraw from contact with other people.

  • Are you the person who prefers to spend time on your own when things are not going so well?
  • Do you stay indoors and make excuses for not going to work or socialising?
  • Do you sometimes just feel low for no particular reason?
  • Find that you cannot exactly put your finger on the root cause of your gloom?

High value is placed on being positive in modern day society.  Sometimes, this simply isn’t possible as a result of not achieving these ideals. Then people can find themselves facing temporary or long-term low moods.

Responsive hypnotherapy for sadness

Anyone can suffer from sadness

Sadness is more common than we think. Look around you. Few people walk with smiles or laughter.  Many faces show pre-occupation, concern and melancholy.  So, you are not alone in being sad.

Some subjects are just too difficult to talk about with a friend or family, so we keep them bottled up and mull them over again and again and again.

We all have many things to consider every day and our minds are very good at finding something to worry or be sad about. Sometimes, the topic seems silly or unimportant but to the person who is sad, it isn’t. It is important! It is playing on their mind and it needs attention. The sadness needs to be lifted before it gets too bad.

An example of being severely is sad is depression.

Responsive Hypnotherapy© will help you find balance and inner strength.