Success and Confidence

Defining Success?

Success is recognised in several ways. The most prominent feature is income. Money buys the things that denote success: bigger houses, more luxurious cars, holidays, electronic toys, jewellery, etc.. Another feature of success is status, especially in one’s career.

Recognise your success in life

How do you define success?

People strive to achieve success in order to bring happiness into their lives. This can ensnare some people and they can feel trapped but desire to further succeed.  By always trying to accomplish more and own status symbols they become controlled by these luxuries.

Many people can feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of retaining their perceived position in society and/or wealth They develop stress and may feel depressed or anxious.

Being successful can become insignificant if you don’t feel successful.  Often, we are not good at realising how much we have achieved. Or how good we have become at a particular aspect of our vocation or lives in general.  We should learn to allow ourselves to see our progress. And celebrate all our accomplishments however small. Only then can we appreciate that we are on our own journey. And that it is going to be different from everyone else’s.

Being successful and feeling successful are two very different things.  If you don’t feel successful, however successful you actually are, is irrelevant.  For

Sucess at Nina's Hypnotherapy

How do you define success?

your success to mean anything to you, you need to truly feel the success.

Responsive Hypnotherapy© helps you strike a balance which is right for you.

Ask yourself; what stops you from being successful?

  • Reluctance to try new things
  • Not daring to dream because of the fear of failure
  • Inconsistency
  • Lack of confidence
  • Unpreparedness and/or lack of knowledge/skill
  • Resistance to change

To be successful, you must have confidence.

About Confidence – What is it?

Confidence can be described as a belief in one’s ability to succeed.

Striking a healthy balance can be challenging.

Too much of it and you can come off as cocky and stumble into unforeseen obstacles, but having too little can prevent you from taking risks and seizing opportunities—in school, at work, in your social life, and beyond.

Responsive Hypnotherapy© helps you grow your confidence and self-belief.