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“I would highly recommend Nina if you have any worries or concerns about your teenager. She has helped my son who has been having a really rough time over the last few months due to an ongoing health problem together with some anxiety issues. She has a wonderful calming manner that makes you relax when you are with her immediately. She has helped him think differently about the things that have been causing him to struggle. He was not sure initially about trying hypnotherapy but agreed to go with an open mind. He is so glad he did as feels he has benefitted so much.”


“I took my 7 year old son to see Nina because he had developed an awful fear of going into public and school toilets. His fear was very real and drove him into hysterics at the mere thought of using a toilet outside of our home. 

Nina was absolutely amazing. She put him completely at ease from the moment we met. She is such a lovely person and so easy to talk to. I honestly can not find the words to express our gratitude to her. After just one session with Nina my son was able to use the public toilets and go to the toilet at school without any hesitation or fear. This is something he had not done for over 3 years. It may not sound like a big thing but it has such a huge impact on his life and our family life. I only wish we had found Nina sooner, it would have saved an awful lot of heart ache for him. I thoroughly recommend Nina’s help to anyone struggling with fears or phobias. 

Thank you so much” 😊

Del T, Worthing

“The work you did with me was amazing.  It was very helpful and life changing.  Also, the way you are in the sessions is brilliant – you made sure I was comfortable and waited until I was ready to start.  All in all, an amazing experience….. thank you so much for your help.”

Tilda B, Lancing

“Hi Nina, I just want to thank you for my responsive hypnosis today.  The session was amazing and I am feeling more relaxed and empowered again.  Yesterday, I made a sort of will: today. I don’t need it. I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you.”

Jean, Sompting

“I have been terrified of dentists since I was 14.  I’m now 28 and a few people mentioned I should get it sorted, but I always avoided it – I was too scared.  I lived with toothache for several years and would rather take paracetamol than even think about going to the dentist.  I saw Nina just once and am completely blown away!  I am no longer scared.  I had a check up and needed to have 2 fillings which were done last week.  I was in there for an hour and also had a half hour slot with the hygienist 2 days later, and I wasn’t phased at all – I can’t believe it – it’s amazing!”   

Craig S,  Lancing

“I went to see Nina after I had recently had Open Surgery. I had been feeling particularly anxious & nervy since the Op and prior to it, following a number of years of traumatic events. I can honestly say that the hypnotherapy I received has been massively helpful and I feel mentally stronger than I have done in many years.  Nina was not only very professional, she was calm, kind and exceptional in  her understanding of my situation. I left feeling I had let go of many past difficult situations with a new found confidence.”

Pat W,  Worthing   

“I was going through severe emotional issues with my partner and was getting my relationship all wrong.  My partner and I were on the brink of separation and I was distraught.  Nina treated me and, after just a 2 hour session, I felt completely different.  Within a few weeks, my lovely girl and I were reconciled and now enjoy a wonderful relationship.  I cannot thank Nina enough.”

Ryan P, Brighton 

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