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My Therapy Session with Nina

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2021

I was a bit nervous before I attended, but Nina quickly put me at ease.
She was very kind, considerate, genuine and totally non-judgemental.
I was also pleased that I didn’t experience any negative after effects / ‘downer’, as I have done after other sessions with various therapists.
I happily recommend Nina to all my friends.
Everyone can benefit from the “Nina Effect”!

Maya Queen

I'm truly amazed

Rated 5 out of 5
May 27, 2021

Yesterday morning my friend called me to check on me because I recently experienced a break up that shook me up pretty badly and I’m prone to depression and anxiety too so I felt pretty rough to say the least! I couldn’t stop crying, everything seemed black, not much point in living, I’d mess everything up anyway, such a looser etc, you get the picture of my mental state. So she connected me with Nina. I had a hypnotherapy session before but never the “responsive” kind. I didn’t know what to expect but in my state I was willing to try anything to get me out of that black hole. I had CBT sessions and all sorts of other healing modalities but my mental health was on a proper rollercoaster. So I came to see Nina. We talked about my current state and my past, my fears, my triggers and I cried. Then I sat on her sofa, covered up with a blanket, looking at that amazing picture of countryside through an open window and I closed my eyes and followed Nina’s instructions. It was a blast! I won’t tell you the details but I’ll tell you how I felt afterwards and still feel today the next day. The sense of stillness is so strong in me. I feel just like an observer of my past without the trigerring feelings. I feel the freedom, possibilities, safety, excitement and success whenever I pinch my fingers together. I’m truly amazed. Long may it last! I feel I can look at my present moment without the overwhelming panic. So much gratitude for Nina and her work.


I felt at ease, but more importantly so did our son!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 27, 2021

My Son is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with Autism since he was 5. As a family have many ups and downs dealing with certain situations and circumstances. We had one this year which myself and my husband felt totally out of our depth and was in need of help desperately.

Our son has got to an age where he does not know how to channel his anger and it was going down a very dark route on which he was trying to jump out of an upstairs window, burn & cut himself. He needed a professional to help and direct him

We search on line desperately for help to keep our son safe. Just by chance Nina’s name was mentioned to us by a family member which we jump on straight away. I sent a message to Nina on Facebook and she was very understanding & caring from our very first contact. We spoke on the phone at length about our situation and made an immediate appointment.

From the very first visit I felt at ease, but more importantly so did our son. Nina came in at my Sons level and made him feel that everything is ok but we just need to work together to make things better. He literally had one one hour appointment with her and to our astonishment things have been incredible. We can relax a bit now without the worry he is going to hurt himself as he is channelling it in the way Nina taught him

Now, any other issues we have that need guidance I contact Nina and she is ready to assist and help. Our son looks forward to seeing Nina and that is incredible as he is a very private little man

I believe Nina is a life saver and we owe a lot to her and continue to work with her


Nina treated me and, after just a 2 hour session, I felt completely different

Rated 5 out of 5
May 21, 2021

I was going through severe emotional issues with my partner and was getting my relationship all wrong. My partner and I were on the brink of separation and I was distraught. Nina treated me and, after just a 2 hour session, I felt completely different. Within a few weeks, my lovely girl and I were reconciled and now enjoy a wonderful relationship. I cannot thank Nina enough.

Ryan P, Brighton

I feel mentally stronger than I have done in many years

Rated 5 out of 5
May 21, 2021

I went to see Nina after I had recently had Open Surgery. I had been feeling particularly anxious & nervy since the Op and prior to it, following a number of years of traumatic events. I can honestly say that the hypnotherapy I received has been massively helpful and I feel mentally stronger than I have done in many years. Nina was not only very professional, she was calm, kind and exceptional in her understanding of my situation. I left feeling I had let go of many past difficult situations with a new found confidence.

Pat W, Worthing

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