Hypnotic Gastric Band

Hypnotic Gastric Band

Hypnotic Gastric Band at Nina's Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic Gastric Band for rapid weight loss

All the basic information you will need about the Hypnotic Gastric Band is on this page.

All Hypnotic Gastric Band work is carried out using the latest knowledge from Nutrition and Evolutionary Psychology, (the way our body and mind work) – not old psychological dogma and outdated hypnotherapy methods.

All the basic information you will need about the Hypnotic Gastric Band is on this page.

Hypnotic Gastric Band procedures take between 3-4 hours depending on the one you choose.  This must take place all on the one day; NOT over several sessions. This is imperative!

The time factor depends on how many issues we must eliminate and how fast you can work through your personalised programme.

Whether you need a Mini Gastric-band or a Full Gastric-band will depend on your individual situation.



Mini Gastric-band – £250

This treatment is for clients who need to lose up to 30lbs (15Kgs). It could be that you have lost weight already, but have hit a plateau.  This treatment is perfect for those who wish to change their poor eating habits. Maybe you are a ‘Yoyo Dieter’ and need to break the cycle. This treatment is not suitable for those who need to lose large amounts of weight.

The Mini Gastric-band gives you a feeling of being ‘fullish’ which prevents many from overeating. We may need to deal with cravings as well. Each client will respond differently according to their own habits, but the treatment should create a feeling of being satisfied with a small meal and with no cravings for more.

There are 2 stages to the treatment:

1. Free consultation 30minutes
2. Treatment session & mini-band ‘implantation’. (Stomach shrink)
(Maximum 3 hours on one day)
Following the treatment, you are provided with:
• email back up
• 2 x 15-minute telephone back up
• 50% off any adjustments to refine your treatment if required.

Full Gastric-band – £350

The Full Gastric-band is for those with over 2 stones (13Kgs) to lose. It is designed to get rid of several poor eating behaviours. Such as:

• skipping meals, especially breakfast or lunch

• overeating at mealtimes, portion control
• have to clear your plate, (and others plates too)
• snacking, picking, grazing, the ‘munchies’
• food cravings – sugar, chocolate, cake, cookies, sausage rolls, etc
• junk food and take-aways
• speed eating

There are 3 stages to the treatment:

1. Free consultation (30 minutes)
2. Treatment session (up to 4 hours on one day) (incl. stomach shrink)
3. 1 x follow up adjustment

Following the treatment, you are provided with:

• email back up
• 2 x 15-minute telephone back up
• 50% off any further adjustment to refine your treatment, if required.

Please be aware if you do not tell me the truth about all your eating and drinking behaviours, this process will fail and you will have thrown your money away.

What you WILL get from me

• Up-to-date techniques based on Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Evolutionary Psychology
• The ability to access specific parts of the brain and change your mind about food there and then
• Feel the changes as we go, building on each success with each technique
• A fully individually designed GB and Weight Control programme
• Elimination of your poor eating behaviours
• A psychosomatic anchor that gives you total control over every poor behaviour
• A psychosomatic anchor that gives you total control over hunger
• A fixed eating plan – 3 meals at regular times
• Your daily activity and Basal Metabolic Rate is taken into account
• New cooking behaviours
• New shopping behaviours
• All done in one morning, afternoon or evening
• Aftercare policy – you are not just treated and left to it
• A massive boost to self-confidence and self-esteem
• The urge to not get weighed more than once a week, (best once a month). Scales lie – you know that already. From now on, you will go by how your clothes are getting baggy and the wonderful feeling of your success when you drop down a size.

What you WILL NOT get from me

• A pretend operation – I don’t do pointless theatrics.
• A specific diet to follow – after all, you know what is good and what is bad.
• Pre-written scripts that are read to every client
• Techniques based on ‘Old World’ psychology and unconscious suggestions
• Regression into your past, it is of little value to the process
• A CD to listen to for the next month – how rubbish must the therapy be if you have to listen to a CD night after night?
• 4 or 5 visits to see me

Hypnotic Gastric Bands FAQ

By using the ‘cutting-edge’ techniques the system I use does not need several sessions of talking about food issues and then some standard weight-loss hypnotherapy techniques tagged on near the end.

(Rather than asking me why I can do it in JUST one day, ask the others why their methods take so long to work).

The system I use is based around the individual – each treatment is as unique to you, so cannot be used with groups of people together. I create your treatment from the information you give me about your situation on the day of the procedure. It is essential that the treatment is unique to you for it to work.

I will give discounts to families or groups if they all book at the same time, but I will still need to work with them individually.

I will help you create a mind-body illusion of having a virtual gastric band fitted. So long as you can follow all the hypnotic processes, you will feel like you really have one in place. How great not to have had the risk of surgical complications.

It will work for as long as you need it to. If you lose weight quickly you may wish to come in for an adjustment or removal quite soon. There is no telling how quickly you will lose weight.

The answer is generally because they do not follow the aftercare procedure correctly. Those that ‘fail’ to follow it have a greater risk of only partial success or total failure. The eating and feeding routine is specifically designed to help your body and mind adjust to the new restrictive eating lifestyle, so if you choose to ignore it how can you expect to have the results you ideally wanted?

One major reason for ‘lack of success’ with a Hypnotic Gastric Band is due to the client not telling me the whole truth about their situation – such as not letting me know about night-time eating, alcohol consumption every evening or finishing the leftovers on kids’ plates. If you, my client, keep important facts from me, then please do not expect the procedure to work properly.


People, who are always stressed, on shift-work or work excessive hours may need to come back for ‘booster’ sessions as they cannot follow the protocol properly. I have had clients opt for a ‘booster’ to their treatment to keep their new lifestyle working.

All hypnotic gastric band treatments are not compatible with excessive exercise or large quantities of alcohol on a weekly basis.

In theory you do not need to deal with these issues, however, your desire to over-eat may still be there and with this virtual gastric band inserted, you will be either constantly be sick and you could be tempted in the future to over-ride the virtual hypnotic gastric band and go back to your old eating-ways.

This is what apparently happens with many ‘real’ gastric band patients and it is often the reason why many of them fail. With the psychological issues removed, by our Responsive Hypnotherapy© session you should find it very easy to adjust to the ‘implanted’ gastric band and live the life you wish for and richly deserve.

Every effort is made to counteract any possible side effects during the hypnosis, e.g. removing the problems that cause the over-eating and keeping hunger-pangs to an absolute minimum.

The only people who feel side effects are usually those that do not follow the eating and feeding aftercare programme.

Hypnotic Gastric Bands lose weight fast

Hypnotic Gastric Band is for all genders. Everyone can lose weight fast at Nina’s Hypnotherapy

This depends on many variables for example: How overweight you are, how ‘tight’ or ‘full’ you have the virtual gastric band, how much less food you consume, your individual metabolism, any exercise you undertake.

The procedure is designed for you to only be able to eat 3 small nutritionally dense feeds a day. These are to give you around 1,200 calories per day for a woman and 1,400 calories per day for a man.

This means you stay above the average Basal Metabolic Rate for your gender, so can safely stay on this regimen for some time. Please read up on the BMR to fully understand the implications of this answer.

Please read the answer above. Most meal replacement systems provide less than the calories needed to uphold your BMR. They are designed to be a ‘quick fix’ and the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band is not a ‘quick fix’ it is a long- term commitment to a healthy eating regimen.

I can do the procedure at any time of day. However; I do prefer to do the work for the gastric bands in the mornings, (starting around 9:00am), as this procedure may take 4 hours. I will do the Mini Gastric-bands in the evenings as they take around 3 hours – but starting no later than 6:00pm.

I only do the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band work on people aged 16 or over. If asked to work on a younger person by a medical practitioner, I would be happy to do so in conjunction with that practitioner.

No. This procedure is to help overweight people become a more ‘normal’ weight and live a healthy life through eating a proper nutritionally varied diet. It is not a tool for helping people to become underweight or malnourished.

If you are Type 1 diabetic the answer is usually No. It depends on permission from your GP or Diabetes Nurse. I will need to work closely with your GP as the dosage of medication will need to be monitored by them.

Type 2: The answer is usually Yes. Especially if you are not on medication. If you are on medication it depends on permission from your GP or Diabetes Nurse. I will need to work closely with your GP as the dosage of medication will need to be monitored by them.

There are no ‘cast iron’ guarantees with a natural/complementary therapy such as hypnosis as everyone reacts differently, after all the real work is done by you in your brain, I help you to attain your goals. If you are unable to achieve these changes it may mean you are not ready to do so?

Many real surgical gastric bands ‘fail’.

Remember I conduct an initial interview before I take you on as a client and I only say “Yes” if I am as certain as I possibly can be that you will be successful. However; there are some people who find the process too difficult or will not enter a proper hypnotic trance. I cannot be liable for how your brain takes to therapy or not. So even after an interview some people can still fail – though rarely.

I do not give refunds as you will have had my time in having a procedure.